“Team GFA wants you to know that our highest priority is you, our valued client. We offer emergency services for your post hurricane needs.”

GFA would like to remind you that now that the storm has passed, be very careful when making an assessment of damages caused by a storm:  High winds and rains can leave many hidden dangers around your property.  Use caution when touring your property for items like live electrical wires, debris with sharp edges or objects, standing water with hidden hazards, and more.  If you are not sure, STAY AWAY!

As Florida’s Leading Engineering Source, GFA is no stranger to assessing property conditions immediately following a hurricane.  Our Engineers and Licensed Inspectors are trained to observe damage that you may miss when making an assessment of your property.  Our Professional Engineers and State Licensed Inspectors can evaluate the storm damage to your home or building, and tell you what repairs are needed.  They can also advise you about areas that should be opened and checked (perhaps a wall needs to be opened to check for structural damage).  GFA’s experienced staff may point out damage that you are not aware occurred.

Our post hurricane response team is experienced and prepared to provide and accurate description of sustained damages to your property.


Structural Damage Assessments

Water Intrusion Investigations

Mold Testing & Remediation Design

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Services

If you would like us to contact you to assess your home or business, please email us at or call (800) 226-7522

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the storm.

Stay safe!