Broward College

The subject property is currently utilized for collegiate studies, management, and operations for the Broward Community College. The subject property is an approximate 1.4+/- acre commercial tract, comprised of six parcels. The purpose of this project was to determine necessary measures that must be followed prior to the demolition and new construction of additional buildings and the remodeling of existing buildings. 

This project is to consist of the future construction of two 30-story towers and an 8-story parking garage. 

GFA Services
  • GFA provided consulting services for comprehensive industrial hygiene, indoor air quality assessment, and mold, asbestos, and lead consulting. 
  • GFA performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search and an Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. 
  • GFA installed four soil borings to determine if petroleum hydrocarbon impacts exist. The soil borings were converted into four temporary groundwater monitoring wells. 
  • GFA completed a geotechnical exploration consisting of six standard penetration test (SPT) borings to depths of 90 to 120 feet below ground surface and four exfiltration tests to depths of 10 feet below ground surface.