Contractor Quality Control (CQC)

When EXPERIENCE & QUALITY mean the most…..

GFA has the expertise you require!

GFA International brings decades of experience providing expert geotechnical solutions to complex projects of all sizes, whether public or private. The technical expertise of our team, our specialized training, our fleet of equipment and wide scope of capabilities has assisted our clients in finding solutions to difficult and complex challenges on a variety of projects.

Our Array Of Geotechnical Consulting Services Is Founded On A Deep Understanding Of Our Clients’ Needs, Subsurface Conditions, Site-specific Constraints, And The Risks Associated With Soil Stabilization And Subterranean Structural Support During The Construction Or Rehabilitation Of Dams/Levees/Culverts, Tunnels, Shafts, Mines, Subways, And Commercial Buildings.

  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Wire Line Core Drilling
  • Sonic Drilling
  • Well Drilling
  • Exploratory Borings
  • Verification Borings
  • Optical Televiewers
  • Bore Hole Deviation
  • Plot Bore Hole Permeability
  • Constant Head Permeability
  • Unconfined Compression Tests
  • Remote Job Site Laboratory
  • Pre & Post Construction Video Survey

Our Qualifications

By Way Of Introduction To Our Capabilities And Qualifications, We Draw Your Attention To The Following Advantages Which Differentiate GFA From Many Of Our Competitors:

A Demonstrated Ability To Mobilize And Equip Fully Functional And USACE Certifiable Laboratory Facilities For Major Dam, Levee And Cutoff Wall Projects Throughout The Country

Certified Federal Small Business: NAICS Codes #541330 (Engineering), 541380 (Testing Laboratories) & 562910 (Remediation Services)

Validated Testing Laboratory: US Army Corps Of Engineers

Licensed Geology and Engineering Business

Acted as the Contractors engineering firm to conduct QC services on over 15 miles of levee projects

Completed 35,000 feet of verification borings on cuttoff wall projects with a 99.8% acceptance rate per project specifications

Performed borehole imaging on over 400 verification boreholes

Successfully performed lab permeability testing on over 10,000 samples utilizing a multitude of permeameters set up in GFA remote laboratories

Fully Owned And Maintained Modern Fleet Of 100 Service Vehicles including late model track and rubber tire type drill rigs capable of performing wire line coring and spt testing

Same Ownership & Key Management Since 1988

Our Equipment

GFA International Owns And Maintains A Diverse And Modern Equipment Fleet Outfitted With The Highest Quality, State-Of-The-Art Tooling Which Include:

An Expansive Fleet Of Drill Rigs

Geoprobe© 8150LS Rotary Sonic Rig

Geo-logging Equipment

Optical Televiewers

Bore Hole Deviation Measurement & CCTV Systems

Multiple Fully Outfitted Portable Laboratories Performing UCS, Permeability, Specific Gravity, Unit Weight As Required By Project Specifications.

Our Literature

Download Sonic Drilling

Download CQC Brochure

Download CQC Brochure

Our Experience

GFA Has Performed Testing And Inspection Services On Several Levee Projects And Has Extensive Experience Performing Contractor Quality Control Services On Army Corps Of Engineers Projects. To date GFA has successfully completed over 35,000 lineal feet of verification cores. The Following Are Just Few Projects GFA Has Provided Services For.