GFA investigates and advises our clients on environmental issues that can effect property transactions and future development decisions. These issues can determine the development strategy for industrial and commercial properties.  Our knowledge, experience, and understanding of potential environmental liabilities helps our clients achieve their business goals while minimizing their environmental risks. GFA offers a full-line of environmental consulting services including:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

GFA has performed thousands of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on all types of properties. Our environmental professionals are fully qualified to conduct Phase I Assessments in accordance with the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” rule.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment addresses recognized environmental conditions typically through the collection and laboratory analysis of soil and/or groundwater samples. GFA has the personnel and experience to perform assessments quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Site Assessment Reports

Environmental professionals of GFA perform Site Assessments that accurately delineate the extent of impacts to soil and groundwater and obtain Site Assessment Report approval from the FDEP.

Remedial Action Plans

The professionals at GFA have the expertise and experience to mitigate contaminants in soil and/or groundwater through proven and innovative technologies. A Remedial Action Plan is cost-effective, efficient, and produces minimal impact to the site development.

Underground Storage Tank Removal and Closure Assessments

GFA can provide Storage Tank Removal, Tank Closure Assessments, and implement the necessary remediation required to receive a “no further action” order from the FDEP.

Environmental Drilling

GFA offers a full-line of Environmental Drilling Services including direct-push, shallow and deep monitoring well installation, split spoon sampling and direct push soil and groundwater and micro-well installation.

Field Sampling and Analytical Laboratory Services

GFA performs sampling in accordance with the FDEP’s Standard Operating Procedures for Field Sample Collection.