1600 Alton Road

1600 Alton Road in Miami Beach, Florida is listed on the Enforcement, Miami-Dade County SPILL, Miami-Dade County HWS, LUST, UST, CLEANUP SITES, DWM CONTAM, EDR Historical Auto, Miami-Dade County GTO, and RGA LUST databases. Four (4) 4,000-gallon-capacity underground storage tanks containing gasoline were removed from the site in October of 1989. During the removal process, a release of petroleum hydrocarbons was noted. The storage tanks contaminated the soils and groundwater in the area. In 1990, an additional unknown storage tank was also removed. The purpose of this environmental investigation was to determine if petroleum hydrocarbons impacts exist in this area. Temporary wells were also installed in various areas on the property to sample and monitor the groundwater. 

GFA Role
  • GFA performed all assessments in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments
  • GFA installed four soil borings using a GeoProbe drill rig to collect soil samples to determine if petroleum hydrocarbons impacts exist in the area
  • GFA installed two temporary monitoring wells along the eastern boundary of the property to assess for the potential impacts of the former adjacent dry-cleaning facility
  • GFA installed five temporary monitoring wells in the southwestern portion of the property where elevated petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations were reported during a December 2015 sampling event
GFA Services
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessment with Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
  • Soil Management Plan 
  • Ground Water Monitoring Wells