Broward Center for the Performing Arts

This project consisted of the construction, new expansions, and refurbishing of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Phases 2 and 3. Phase 2 Consisted of the new construction of a two-story, 12,380-square foot pavilion and tunnel; a three-story, 26,203-square foot education wing addition; a single-story, 4,911-square foot production wing addition; and hillside terraces hardscape, site work, and driveway renovations. Phase 3 consisted of 6,371-square feet restroom renovations, new architectural steel and glass marquees, 6,454-square foot Abdo Cabaret Theatre renovations, 1,025-square foot broadcast studio addition, 1.321-square foot construction on intermezzo lounge, 1,595-square foot parking garage stair and trellis, modifications to the Au Rene and Amaturo grand lobby millwork and finishes and renovations to the Amaturo Theater. 

GFA Role
  • GFA performed special inspections on the structural components as required by The City of Fort Lauderdale. Inspections were performed by licensed and certified inspectors. Structures included precast concrete units, engineered unit masonry, connections, metal systems building, truss erection, and windows, glass doors, and curtain walls.
  • GFA provided licensed and certified threshold inspectors to perform the required threshold inspections on reinforcing steel placement, shoring and re-shoring verification, monitoring of concrete and grout placements, fill cell grouting, structural steel, and windows, glass doors, and curtain walls.  
GFA Services
  • Special Inspections
  • Threshold Inspections