Cameron Estates

This project consisted of the new construction of a residential complex with 8 four-story apartment buildings, 8 three-story townhome buildings, a clubhouse, basketball court, parking areas, and other site improvements. 

GFA Role
  • GFA performed extensive environmental work for this project. This included the installation of over 20 groundwater monitoring wells, 4 permanent shallow groundwater monitoring wells, and 1 permanent deep monitoring well, collection of water and soil samples for testing and analysis, the preparation of an Engineering and Institutional Control Plan which addressed remaining arsenic impacted groundwater for the institution of restrictions for use of groundwater at the site, and a Soil Management Plan and Health and Safety Plan for removal of contaminated soils and muck.
  • GFA performed a geotechnical exploration which consisted of performing 16 standard penetration test (SPT) borings to depths of 30 feet below grade, 20 cone penetrometer (CPT) tests, and 5 exfiltration tests to depths of 10 feet below grade. The geotechnical exploration findings were summarized in a preliminary geotechnical exploration report which provided engineering recommendations for the proposed construction.
  • GFA provided engineering field technicians to monitor soils replacement and the soil management plan for the removal of impacted soils and muck.
  • GFA provided engineering field technicians to monitor the installation of stone columns and performed verification borings in order to issue final certification for the foundations of the buildings
  • GFA provided vibration monitoring services with an on-site seismograph for when construction was in close proximity to the existing structures.
  • GFA provided a structural inspector to perform visual inspections and video documentations of the exteriors of existing nearby structures, exterior stucco, glazing, and general structural conditions. The findings were filmed in a pre-construction survey. Once construction was complete, the same structural inspector completed a post-construction video survey. 
  • GFA provided field technicians to perform construction materials testing in accordance with project specifications for all soils and concrete materials used for the project.