Deep Bed Filter

This project included the construction of the Loxahatchee River District Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Deep Bed Filters project, including but not limited to the construction of new deep bed filters, a new filter electrical building, replacement of pumps, piping, and wet well weir gate at existing Filter Feed Pump Station No. 1 and the rehabilitation of the Filter Feed Pump Station No. 1 structure and handrail, construction of a new partial flume flow meter structure and piping modifications at the existing chlorine contract basins, modifications to the existing Synthetic Media Filter filtered effluent piping, modifications to the existing Electrical Building No. 3 generator room louvers and installation of exterior storm panel assemblies, demolition and removal of existing traveling bridge sand filters, demolition and removal of existing abandoned underground ductile iron pipe, relocation of FPL feed from existing Electrical Building No. 1 to the new Filter Electrical Building, and electrical, instrumentation, yard piping, paving, grading, and drainage modifications. 

GFA Role
  • GFA provided construction materials testing for all soils testing, concrete testing, and laboratory testing for the project. 
  • GFA provided geotechnical services for vibroflotation monitoring and post compaction borings to confirm compaction.