Everglades Agricultural Area A-1 Flow Equalization Basin Project

The vast storage reservoir, known as the A-1 Flow Equalization Basin, will work in tandem with the District’s stormwater treatment areas to clean water flowing into the Everglades.  The construction included a system of 21 miles of earthen levees and 15 water control structures which hold water and allow managers to move it south for treatment. This provides the steady flow necessary to optimize the performance of Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs) 2 and 3/4 located near the Palm Beach/Broward county line.

The EAA A-1 FEB project is part of the overall Everglades restoration effort and is specifically designed to support the operations of Stormwater Treatment Area (STA)-3/4 and STA 2/Compartment B. The EAA A-1 FEB is an approximately 15,000 acre flow equalization basin that is being utilized to attenuate peak stormwater runoff flows being delivered to STA-3/4 and STA-2/Compartment B from the North New River Canal (NNRC) and the Miami Canal. The objective of the Project is to temporarily detain up to 60,000 ac-ft of these excessive peak flows at an average depth of 4.0 ft. within the EAA A-1 FEB for release to STA-3/4 and STA-2/Compartment B at a controlled rate once the peak runoff flows have subsided in the NNRC and Miami Canals. Improving water quality is a goal of the project. The concept of a flow equalization basin is being employed as a “first of its kind” project for SFWMD.

The EAA A-1 FEB is located in western Palm Beach County, Florida, on land known as the Talisman site. The Project is bordered to the east by US Highway 27, to the south by STA-3/4, to the west by an area known as the Holey Land Wildlife Management Area and to the north by private agricultural property. In its entirety, the area known as the EAA A-1 FEB site is approximately 16,500 acres, of which approximately 700 acres at the northern end, known as the Woerner Farms, were excluded from the EAA A-1 FEB Project by the SFWMD due to reported environmental impacts associated with historic agricultural practices.

GFA Services
  • GFA’s scope of services included performing the Construction Materials Testing in general accordance with the project specifications and the permitted documents.
  • GFA conducted all laboratory testing at our USACE accredited laboratory required by the project’s latest specifications. The laboratory was staffed with sufficient trained technicians to execute testing and provide results in a timely manner. The frequency and number of test specimens to be collected and tested were per the project specifications.
  • GFA provided equipment and qualified field technicians to sample, mold concrete, aggregate and soils samples. Technicians also performed field density testing (nuclear and sand cone methods) and all field testing directed by specifications. GFA provided a single multi-certified technician / inspector to fulfill the QC testing needs.
  • GFA provided qualified field inspectors to perform concrete inspections on forms, reinforcing, and placement. We also provided soils inspectors for compaction and fill control, and asphalt inspector for roadway placement pursuant to requirements of the QCP specifications.
  • GFA provided a Project Manager/Quality Control Manager to supervise and coordinate all laboratory and field testing performed by GFA personnel in compliance with the project specifications