Flagler Memorial Bridge

The Flagler Memorial Bridge project Project consists of complete replacement of the existing bridge with a new four-lane divided bridge. The new bridge includes two 12-foot wide travel lanes in each direction, an eight-foot wide shoulder on each side, and a 15.5-foot median. There will also be an eight-foot wide sidewalk on each side. Pedestrian traffic will be separated by permanent concrete barrier walls. Estimated construction cost is $97.6 million.

GFA Role
  • GFA  is providing CTQP Certified level 1 and level 2 inspectors for concrete testing, roadway inspections, and soils technicians
  • GFA is providing quality control services, including the creation and management of FDOT density testing log books
  • GFA is providing certified drilled shaft inspectors
GFA Services
  • Construction Materials Testing for all soils testing and concrete testing