Florida East Coast Railway Port Everglades Intermodal Container Transit Facility

The project consisted of the construction of a new container transfer facility for the Florida East Coast Railway located in Port Everglades (Broward County, Florida). Specific construction
consisted of paved parking and drives, container storage areas, crane ways, maintenance buildings and entrance structures. The project was completed in 2012.

GFA Services
  • GFA performed 50 Standard Penetration Test borings (SPT) for this geotechnical study in addition to materials testing and special inspection services.
  • GFA obtained two (2) undisturbed thin walled tube samples (ASTM D1587) from locations chosen by a Geotechnical engineer to perform two (2) consolidation tests in accordance with AASHTO
  • GFA also was requested to backhoe test pits, observe and log the results. GFA’s laboratory testing consisted of 20 organic content tests and 20 #200 wash tests on selected samples. The organic
    soils identified in previous investigations were not removed; instead, the soils were improved by mass stabilization utilizing soil mixing. As a result, the Client requested additional field percolation (hydraulic conductivity tests) as well as Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) determination of in-situ soils. The Client also requested site inspection, vibration monitoring and testing during the soil mixing program to verify the process in accordance with the project specifications.
  • GFA performed a total of nine (9) exfiltration tests along the infiltration areas (3 in each run) to a depth of 6 feet below the current grades. Constant head test procedures outlined by South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) were also performed. A summary of the borehole percolation test data, including soils encountered and the calculated hydraulic conductivity at each test location, were submitted with our report.
  • GFA collected representative samples of in-situ soils from the parking areas to determine the Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR) in accordance with FDOT’s FSTM 5-515. Our scope of services provided an experienced technician at the site to oversee critical aspects of the earthwork such as the soil mixing, and documented site earthwork progress. In addition to the technician, GFA’s Staff Engineer made periodic visits and a Professional Engineer certified all reports. GFA worked with the site contractor to coordinate the optimal timing. GFA also provided Vibration Monitoring (full time), Verification Borings (Cores), Moisture-Density Tests (Proctors), and Field Density Tests.