Golden Gate Boulevard Widening

This project consisted of the widening of approximately 13,000-linear feet of Golden Gate Boulevard. This included three ponds, intersection improvements at Everglades Boulevard, and one bridge widening. 

GFA Services
  • GFA performed 135, 5-foot deep auger borings and 9, 10-feet deep auger borings in the proposed new alignment at approximate 100-feet intervals. 
  • GFA performed 4, 100-foot deep standard penetration test (SPT) borings for the proposed bridge widening. 
  • GFA performed 4, 25-foot deep standard penetration test (SPT) borings for signalization at the Golden Gate and Everglades intersection. 
  • GFA performed 15, 15-foot deep auger borings at 3 pond locations (5 per pond site).