Hillsboro Beach Renourishment Truck Haul Project

This project consisted of the truck haul placement of approximately +/-47,278 cubic yards of beach fill between FDEP monuments R-6+750 to R-9 in Hillsboro Beach, Florida. The overall project was for approximately 2,198 linear feet. 

GFA Services
  • GFA provided pre and post-construction structural survey services, which consisted of performing visual inspections and video documentations of nearby building exteriors, exterior stucco, glazing, walkways/breezeways, and general structural conditions.
  • GFA developed a vibration control plan, monitored ground vibrations with remote seismograph systems, provided a vibration control specialist and vibration technicians, and submitted biweekly reports to the QC Manager.
  • GFA performed quality control testing and management which consisted of laboratory testing services (sieve analysis, material finer than 200, carbonate testing, Munsell soil color, and free shell content).
  • GFA also performed a Limited Soil and Groundwater Environmental Site Assessment prior to the commencement of truck haul activity and after the project was completed to ensure that the on-site fuel tank did not contaminate the area groundwater.