IKEA Sweetwater

This project consisted of the new construction of a 416,000-square foot IKEA retail store, on-grade parking and elevated parking levels beneath the retail facility of approximately 606,984-square feet and other on-site and off-site improvements necessary for the operation and function of the retail facility. 

GFA Services
  • GFA provided Geotechnical Field Technicians to perform pile installation monitoring. This included monitoring pile installations, obtaining samples of the pile grout for compressive strength testing, and summarizing the results in a production pile completion report. 
  • GFA provided Engineering Field Technicians and a certified laboratory to complete Construction Materials Testing services for all soil, aggregate, and concrete materials used for the project. 
  • GFA provided Floor Flatness Testing.
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to complete Threshold Inspections for reinforcing steel placement, shoring and re-shoring inspection verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post fill cell grouting, and structural steel. 
  • GFA performed roofing inspections which consisted of performing bell chamber testing, QC monitoring, project management, and final inspections. 
  • GFA performed fire proofing inspections to evaluate the spray-on fireproofing tests that included thickness density and bond adhesion. 
  • GFA performed visual and ultrasonic welding inspections on all welded connections.