Landmark Hospital Long Term Acute Care

The Landmark Hospital of Southwest Florida consists of a 50-bed long-term acute care facility. The 86,676-square foot, three-story hospital specializes in providing care to medically complex patients who benefit from an extended recovery time. Landmark Hospital is a unique crescent-shaped structure constructed via the tilt-wall method. The first floor is shell space available for lease. The second floor of the hospital houses state-of-the-art operating rooms, conference rooms, CT scan, X-ray and administrative offices. The third floor features a ten bed intensive care unit, ten bed progressive care unit and 30 medical and surgical beds. 

GFA Services
  • Threshold Inspection Services
  • Private Provider Inspection Services
  • Construction Materials Testing (Soil and Concrete)
  • Vibro-Replacement Monitoring Services and Post Improvement Confirmation
  • Structural Steel / Welding Inspections
  • Cohesion / Adhesion testing of Sprayed Fire-Restive Materials