Modera Edgewater

This project consists of the new construction of an eight-story mixed-use building and a seven-story parking garage with amenity deck roof.

GFA Services
  • GFA’s team of environmental scientists performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search and groundwater monitoring, as well as a Limited Asbestos Containing Materials Building Survey. 
  • GFA performed a geotechnical exploration consisting of 12 standard penetration test (SPT) borings to depths of 40 to 85 feet below existing grade. 
  • GFA performed 8 confirmation borings to depths of 15 feet below existing grade after soils replacement activities were completed.
  • GFA provided an engineering field technician to perform vibration monitoring during soils replacement activities.
  • GFA provided an engineering field technician to monitor the soils replacement activities.
  • GFA is providing engineering field technicians and a certified laboratory to complete construction materials testing for all soils and concrete materials used for the project.
  • GFA is providing licensed inspectors to perform post-tensioned cable elongation monitoring. 
  • GFA performed a pre-construction video survey and will complete a post-construction video survey.