New York Mets Spring Training Facility

This project consisted of an addition to the existing stadium of 504 seats, storage areas, and a larger office space underneath for the groundskeepers. The project was fast-tracked in order to be open by Spring Training. The project was completed in 60 days. The addition was constructed with reinforced concrete supported on conventional shallow footing foundations supported by soils improved by the vibro-compaction method. 

GFA Role
  • GFA performed the original geotechnical investigation which recommended vibro-compaction. During vibro-compaction efforts, a thin layer of organics was identified and delineated by GFA. GFA recommended vibro-replacement (stone columns) in this area.
  • GFA provided helical anchor monitoring and certification.
  • GFA provided Construction Materials Testing for all soils testing and concrete testing for the project.
  • GFA provided Threshold Inspections performed by licensed inspectors.
  • GFA provided a condition assessment of the entire facility.