One Plantation Place

This project consisted of the new construction of a 321-unit residential apartment project located at the Northwest corner of I-595 and University Drive in Plantation, Florida. This project has two 12-story towers with a total square footage of 349,368-square feet and a 4-story parking garage of 130,000-square feet, along with a 3-story clubhouse of 9,890-square feet and a 1-story gate house of 306-square feet. 

GFA Role
  • GFA performed 4 standard penetration test (SPT) borings to a depth of 45 feet below existing grade for the two towers, 3 standard penetration test (SPT) borings to depths of 45 feet below grade for the parking garage, 1 standard penetration test (SPT) boring to a depth of 30 feet below existing grade for the clubhouse, and 4 exfiltration tests to depths of 10 feet below existing grade. 
  • GFA provided an engineering field technician at the site to oversee the vibro-replacement and earthwork progress.
  • GFA provided field technicians to perform construction materials testing for all soils and concrete materials used for the project
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to perform threshold inspections for all reinforcing steel placement, shoring and re-shoring verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post fill cell grouting inspections, and structural steel connections for welds and bolts.
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to monitor the post-tensioned cable stressing, measuring, and recording of the cable elongations and preparation of reports of the results.
  • GFA performed radon testing in the footprint of each of the residential building pads.
  • GFA performed a pre-construction video survey to document existing surrounding structures.
  • GFA provided an environmental field technician to collect samples of dewatering discharge to analyze for dewatering turbidity sampling.