Pompano Beach Parking Garage

The Pompano Beach Parking Garage consisted of the new construction of a five-story parking garage with an approximate footprint area of 239,646-square feet along with associated site work. The completed parking garage added 625 beach parking spaces.

GFA Services
  • GFA performed a Geotechnical Exploration consisting of eight standard penetration test borings to depths ranging from 30 to 55-feet below existing grade.
  • GFA performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search. GFA also prepared a Soil Sampling and Analysis Report.
  • GFA provided geotechnical field technicians to perform Pile Installation Monitoring services.
  • GFA provided engineering field technicians and a certified laboratory to complete Construction Materials Testing services for all soil, aggregate, and concrete material used for the project.
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to perform Threshold Inspections for reinforcing steel placements, shoring and re-shoring inspection verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post fill cell grouting, and structural steel.