Rick Case Volkswagen

This project consisted of the new construction of an eight-story precast parking garage with a showroom and service area on the ground floor. The footprint area is approximately 344,469-square feet. 

GFA Services
  • GFA performed a Geotechnical Exploration consisting of eight standard penetration test borings to depths ranging from 40 to 60 feet below existing grade, six auger borings to depths of 10 feet below grade, and three rock cores to depths of 30 feet below existing grade. 
  • GFA provided engineering field technicians and a certified laboratory to complete Construction Materials Testing services for all soil, aggregate, and concrete materials used for the project. 
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to perform Threshold Inspections for all reinforcing steel placement, shoring and re-shoring inspection verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post fill cell grouting, and structural steel connections.