RSW Midfield Terminal Apron Expansion and Associated Taxiways

This project consisted of the construction of approximately 185,000 SY of bituminous aircraft apron and taxiway pavement, stormwater drainage, airfield lighting, signage and site work elements. Also included in this project was site work related to reshaping and reinforcement of existing stormwater drainage conveyances and detention pond slopes. 

GFA Services
  • GFA prepared a quality control testing plan prior to the start of construction.
  • GFA performed construction materials testing for all soils and concrete materials used for the project
  • GFA conducted a soil characterization study of borrow material which included the collection and analyzing of proposed Borrow Materiel to provide reasonable assurance that soil used as clean backfill does not contain contaminants at concentrations exceeding Soil Cleanup Target Levels. 
  • GFA completed a Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the borrow material source
  • GFA provided FDOT/CTQP Certified field technicians to perform asphalt paving quality control testing and monitoring