SR 82 – Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road

This FDOT project consists of the widening of the existing State Road 82 from an existing two-lane roadway to a six-lane divided roadway from Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road. This section of roadway is approximately 8.9 miles. Also included with the roadway improvements are a multi-use path, sidewalk, drainage, signing and signalization. Estimated total cost of construction is $55 million.  

GFA Role
  • GFA is providing Contractor Quality Control Services in accordance with the approved plans and the requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction. This includes providing CTQP certified field technicians to complete earthwork construction inspections, management of Earthwork Density Logbooks, a FDOT certified laboratory to perform testing of proposed fill soils, stabilized subgrade and base, certified drilled shaft inspectors and slurry testing, and sampling and testing of all concrete as outlined in the FDOT Standard Specifications. 
  • GFA is providing a Field Quality Control Manager to schedule and monitor the performance of all QC personnel in both the field and laboratory to meet the demand of the Contractor’s planned work schedule.