Taylor Slough – L31W Levee and Plugs

This project is located in south Miami-Dade County and will be performed in three areas of work: L-31W Plugs, L-31 W Levee and Weir and Pump Station S-332D discharge basin. The project consists of the construction of 10 earthen plugs at various locations along the L-31W canal; construction of approximately 2000 linear foot section of levee and overflow discharge weir along the L-31 canal; and the installation of sheet piles along the sides of the discharge basin of Pump Station S-332D and sealing the bottom of the basin with a tremie concrete mix. 

GFA Services
  • GFA performed a Pre-Construction Structural Survey, inspecting structures within 500 feet from the work limit. Immediately after completion of work, GFA will conduct a Post-Construction Structural Survey of the same structures. 
  • GFA is providing Quality Control Testing and Management services which consists of conducting all laboratory testing at our USACE accredited laboratory as required by project specifications, providing equipment and qualified field technicians to sample, aggregate and soils samples, and providing a Quality Control Manager to supervise and coordinate all laboratory and field testing performed by GFA personnel. 
  • GFA is providing Vibration Monitoring Services which consists of the development of a Vibration Control Plan, monitoring ground vibration levels with a seismograph utilizing a remote monitoring system, provding a qualified vibration control specialist, and providing bi-weekly reports to the QC Manager for transmittal to the SFWMD. 
  • GFA is providing Turbidity Monitoring services.