The Bristol

The Bristol project consists of the new construction of a luxury residential tower consisting of approximately 626,016 gross square feet, 23 floor levels above grade including 20 residential floors, providing 65 residential units, 15 guest suites, amenity spaces and mechanical equipment floor. In addition, two levels of parking with one level partially below grade providing approximately 192 parking spaces are proposed.

GFA Services
  • GFA’s team of Environmental Scientists performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM Practice E 1527-05).
  • GFA performed a Geotechnical Exploration consisting of 12 standard penetration test borings to depths of 60-feet below existing grade, 4 standard penetration test borings to depths of 75-feet below existing grade, 6 standard penetration test borings to depths of 15-feet below existing grade, 2 exfiltration tests to depths of 10-feet below existing grade, and a ground penetration radar survey. 
  • GFA provided an engineering field technician to perform pile installation monitoring services. 
  • GFA is providing engineering field technicians to perform Construction Materials Testing services for all soils and concrete material used for the project. 
  • GFA is providing licensed inspectors to perform Threshold Inspections for reinforcing steel placements, shoring and re-shoring inspection verifications, pre and post fill cell grouting, concrete and grout placement monitoring, and structural steel connections.