The Club at Boynton Beach

This project consisted of the new construction of a six-story assisted living facility and associated site work located in Boynton Beach, Florida. The building is approximately 72,489-square feet. 

GFA Services
  • GFA provided licensed inspectors to perform Threshold Inspection services for all reinforcing steel placement, shoring and re-shoring inspection verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post-fill cell grouting, and structural steel. 
  • GFA performed a Geotechnical Exploration consisting of four standard penetration test borings to depths of 35-feet below existing grade. 
  • GFA provided a licensed inspector to monitor the post-tensioned cable stressing, measuring, and recording of the cable elongations. 
  • GFA provided engineering field technicians and a certified laboratory to perform Construction Materials Testing services for all soils and concrete material utilized for the project construction. 
  • GFA provided a geotechnical field technician to monitor vibroflotation soils consolidation activities within the building footprint. GFA performed confirmation borings at the vibro points. 
  • GFA provided Vibration Monitoring services during the vibroflotation activities. 
  • GFA performed a Pre-construction Video survey of aadjcecent properties prior to the vibroflotation activities.