The Forum Office Building

The forum office building is an existing, 10-story building located in West Palm Beach, Florida off of Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard. The building has approximately 91,000-square feet. The building is slated to be renovated. 

GFA Role
  • GFA’s team of Environmental Scientists performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search. This included performing records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, and preparation of a Phase I ESA Report. 
  • GFA’s team of Environmental Scientists also performed a Limited Asbestos Containing Materials Building Survey which involved a physical inspection of the entire building, collecting samples of suspect material to send for laboratory analysis, sampling roof materials, and completion of a final report containing all findings. A total of 268 bulk samples were collected for laboratory analysis for asbestos content via polarized light microscopy. 
  • GFA also performed an Air Clearance Inspection on areas after abatement was completed.