Toyota of Hollywood

This project consists of the new construction of a ground-up, 2-story automotive dealership/showroom, a 5-story parking garage, and associated site work. The building will be approximately 405,586-square feet. 

GFA Services
  • GFA performed a Geotechnical Exploration consisting of nine standard penetration test borings to depths of 40 and 70 feet below existing grade and two exfiltration tests to depths of 10 feet below existing grade.
  • GFA provided a geotechnical field technician to perform vibro-replacement monitoring services, documenting site earthwork progress. Upon completion of the vibro-replacement activities, GFA performed ten confirmation borings to 15 and 25 feet below existing grade. 
  • GFA is providing engineering field technicians and a certified laboratory to perform construction materials testing for all soil, aggregate, and concrete materials used for the project. 
  • GFA is providing licensed inspectors to perform Threshold Inspections for all reinforcing steel placements, shoring and re-shoring inspection verification, concrete and grout placement monitoring, pre and post-fill cell grouting, structural steel, and connections of precast panels. 
  • GFA provided a Structural Inspector to perform a Pre-Construction Video Survey to perform a video documentation of the exterior for signs of structural distress or damage, exterior stucco, glazing, walkways and breezeways, and structural conditions. Once construction is completed, GFA will perform a Post-Construction Video Survey. 
  • GFA provided  geotechnical field technician and remote seismographs to complete vibration monitoring services when construction was in close proximity to existing structures.  
  • GFA provided a Petrography Evaluation.