Frederick G. Kaub, P.G.


FRED KAUB assumes overall responsibility for the leadership of professional Geotechnical and Engineering services for all GFA contracts as President and Principal-in-Charge. Fred serves in the capacity of Executive Liaison to company clients. He is a graduate of Indiana University (White Star Endowment Scholarship Recipient) with a B.S. in Geology; is a licensed Florida Professional Geologist; and is co-founder of GFA International, Inc.

Fred directs the services of GFA International including environmental, geotechnical, materials testing and inspection. He has a 30 year track record of successfully managing continuing contracts for educational, municipal, governmental and private concerns in the areas of geotechnical, materials testing, inspection, and code compliance services throughout the state of Florida.

As a Florida Registered Professional Geologist, Fred provides the services of soil exploration and report preparation; structural foundation analysis and design; offshore geotechnical studies; land surveying; hydrographic surveying; seismic and side scan sonar studies; aquifer studies; magnetometer surveys; environmental monitoring; jet probe investigations; marine geophysics; vibracore investigations; marine hydrology; water quality analysis; coastal inlet studies; environmental impact mitigation; impact assessment and devaluation; sub-bottom profiling; beach restoration and erosion control design for the company. His work has involved solving foundation and earth structure problems, conducting subsurface and subaqueous soil investigations, conducting hydrogeological studies and investigations and other earth science problems through the application of sound theoretical concepts and a practical knowledge of earth materials and hydrogeological systems.

Fred has served in the capacity of Expert Professional for the South Florida Water Management District and is professionally involved and active in the following associations: Professional Member of: Geotechnical Society of America, Association of Engineering Geologists, American Institute of Hydrology, National Association of Environmental Professionals, Florida Association of Environmental Professionals, and Florida Groundwater Association.


  • Licensed Florida Professional Geologist #1344
  • Licensed Florida Asbestos Consultant #AX 71
  • Licensed Florida Well Water Contractor #11236