Weekly Motivation

Do you want life to work for you? Then you must work for you it’s your responsibility it’s your job!!

Wishing, hoping, sitting around waiting for good things to arrive in your life, doesn’t work well. What does work well, is when you do the work to bring about the kind of life you desire.

The more responsibility you take for your own life, the more satisfied you’ll be with the way life unfolds. The more you invest your time, effort, imagination, creativity in life, the more fulfilling your life will be.

It might sometimes seem that a free ride, no effort, no responsibility, would be nice. But that’s not the case at all, it’s not reality.

What truly makes life good is knowing you’re deeply involved in making life good. What brings real fulfillment is when you are working, with commitment and persistence, to create that fulfillment.

Give up any fantasy of a fairy-tale life simply dropping into your lap, for even if it happened you wouldn’t like it. The very best life for you is the life you’ve worked to create for you.