Weekly Motivation:

You Get What You Give

What you give out, you will get back. To get back good stuff, genuine love, respect, consideration, give those things out.

That’s simple and easy to remember as a concept. Yet it only WORKS for you when you work to put it into practice.

Before you speak, plan, or act, ask yourself, how will it affect the people around you?

That doesn’t mean you must live in fear of what other people will think or say about you. It does mean you can always improve on the amount and quality of consideration you show towards others.

When you’ve consistently done well in life, it’s because you’ve consistently remembered to be considerate. When you’ve strayed away from respect and consideration towards others, you’ve likely brought more struggle into your life.

People, organizations, communities, families, cultures that have respect and consideration embedded throughout them, thrive and prosper. It’s always a good thing to remember, always a great way to live.