Weekly Motivation

Feel Life

Lets take every opportunity to feel life. Feel life, without judgment or expectation, worry or agenda.

Feel the grains of sand as they pass beneath your feet. Feel the warmth as the deep red glow of sunrise first touches the morning.

Feel your own presence as it joins with the presence of others. Feel the thrill and freshness of thinking thoughts you have never thought before.

Feel joy and sadness as they each serve to balance the other. Feel the satisfaction of strenuous effort and the relaxation of well-deserved rest.

Feel the power of determination when the situation must be changed. Feel the confidence that comes from seeing yourself make a positive difference.

Feel love as it directs you in ways you cannot understand. Feel the entirety of life itself as its rich mystery continues to unfold in every moment, all around you.

Please let us all say a prayer for the victims and their families of the horrific and senseless tragedy in Las Vegas. God bless.