Weekly Motivation

Leave a Little Goodness

Wherever you go, leave a little bit of goodness there. Whatever you undertake, do it in a way that’s beneficial to life.

Giving goodness does not reduce the amount you have. In fact, giving a little goodness enables you to give a lot more.

Feel the good feeling of knowing you’re making a difference. Let go of any concern about being praised or recognized, and just give goodness for the sake of goodness.

Make life less of a struggle and more of the miracle it can be. Enjoy the goodness as you freely let it flow out from you.

Life can be extremely difficult and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be void of meaning or joy. Goodness is possible, available to give, in any situation.

The goodness you offer and enable, fills your life with meaning. Make it your intention every day, every place, to spread that goodness far and wide.