Weekly Motivation

If there is no sacrifice, there is no achievement. If there is no pain, discomfort, inconvenience, challenge, there is no progress.

If you can do it by merely pushing a button, without thinking, without investing yourself, it has negligible value. Every day, you have the opportunity to do so much more.

You have the opportunity to reach deep within yourself and pull out unique goodness. It can be messy, frustrating, complicated, and crazy fulfilling but you can make it happen.

Stride right up to the challenge. Use your wits, figure out a way to rip a hole in that challenge, step into it, work your way to the other side.

Learn to do what you’ve never done before, to think what you’ve never thought before. Let your fear teach you, and prepare you to do what you fear.

Choose challenge as your path forward. Work through your greatest challenges and they will lead you to your greatest achievements.